I started this blog to share with others the pain and joy of this wonderful journey of finding true peace. Daily I will post my thoughts, experiences, and revelations about my journey and the journey of others. I will write as if there is no audiance, as if I am free to be me, with no one judging or criticizing my words or actions. This will be a real and raw view of what it is like to have experienced abandonment and rejection in the worst ways, and to now experience the journey of HEALING and FINDING TRUE PEACE. I believe in shedding the outer exterior that WE ALL use to protect ourselves, to bear my soul for the healing of others. FIND TRUE PEACE, embrace it and accept it, no matter the cost. I pray that the unfolding of my truth in some way helps you to HEAL and unfold yours. We are all WHOLE, BEAUTIFUL, and FULL OF GRACE. May the God of peace continue to bring the fullness of JOY into your life.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What We Do Comes From What We Think

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he (Prov. 23:7a).  The thoughts we think are so powerful. They are able to both create and destroy. What if we really took the scripture to be TRUTH.....as I think, so am I. Would we think thoughts that created joy and peace for our self  and others? I truly believe we have creative power we have not tapped into. Are we afraid, slothful, or just uninspired to utilize it.

What if instead of sitting around all day pondering the mystery of what went wrong with this or that, or thinking about what someone said that offended us and how we should have told them off,  we should try using our thoughts to experience our greatest truth, our highest purpose. Only the Spirit knows what that is for you, and only you can tap into your creative power. Right now my greatest truth and highest purpose is to know that I am healed and to heal. I am challenged everyday in my thoughts. I am so used to playing the victim, so knowing that I am heal, whole, and loved has been, and still is a process, but one I am enjoying.

So, attempting a behavioral change is fruitless if you have not changed your thinking. What are you meditating on ALL DAY?.......is it God's unmeasurable love, or is it your inconsistency or your so call perfection that leaves everyone in awe of your existence.....what is it, because those are the types of behaviors you will emit. And sadly, these behaviors are designed to illicit attention, acceptance and approval from others.

Thoughts that are inspired and developed by meditating on God's Truth ignites you with a creative force to produce love, healing, joy, and peace.


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