I started this blog to share with others the pain and joy of this wonderful journey of finding true peace. Daily I will post my thoughts, experiences, and revelations about my journey and the journey of others. I will write as if there is no audiance, as if I am free to be me, with no one judging or criticizing my words or actions. This will be a real and raw view of what it is like to have experienced abandonment and rejection in the worst ways, and to now experience the journey of HEALING and FINDING TRUE PEACE. I believe in shedding the outer exterior that WE ALL use to protect ourselves, to bear my soul for the healing of others. FIND TRUE PEACE, embrace it and accept it, no matter the cost. I pray that the unfolding of my truth in some way helps you to HEAL and unfold yours. We are all WHOLE, BEAUTIFUL, and FULL OF GRACE. May the God of peace continue to bring the fullness of JOY into your life.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There seems to always be two plans at work, sometimes three: God's, yours, and some alternative plan of destruction. This journey is like a maze sometimes. To be honest when I encounter that spot where I feel totally lost, I want to quit, throw in the towel, just be done with it all. "I don't want to be a participant in this thing call life, it is too difficult, it requires too much," I say to myself and anyone who dares to listen to me. My frustration with it all is a result of road blocks on my journey.....I hate road blocks. Why can't things just go as I PLANNED!

TRUST THE PROCESS! No matter how many times I submit to God's plan of action and trust His Spirit to guide me into perfect peace, I somehow interject with my own plans. This interjection takes place when I don't seem to understand WHY difficulties are arising. Why so much friction, dysfunction, road blocks, you name it? I want to figure it out, smooth out the bumpy road, or at least take another route. I have a hard time just BEING PRESENT in the midst of whatever is taking place.

My only way to FINDING TRUE PEACE during my challenging times is to TRUST THE PROCESS. What does that really mean? We are all in the process of metamorphosing, changing, transforming, birthing into TRUTH. Trust God as He sheds off the outer garment of past experiences and the beliefs they have developed. What we normally experience is not who we TRULY are.......the process reveals God and God within us.......now that's who we truly are. In order to experience our nature on its purest level, we have to let go of our own knowledge of God, ourselves, and the world around us. Allow God to reveal on a deeper level His nature, His will, and His divine purpose for you. Take quiet moments to commune and listen as the process is taking place, submit to it, abide in it, be present in it.

The TRUTH we will be revealed as we just TRUST THE PROCESS. The process is what allow us to take root in God's Truth. Ask and the truth shall be revealed. DO YOU BELIEVE GOD.........TRUST THE PROCESS.

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